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Newes from the Dead - Mary Hooper It is 1650s in England. A girl lies in a coffin, dead, after being hanged. Welcome to the story of Anne, a story that just happened to be based on real events. I am not going to tell you why Anne was hanged, you need to read the book to find out by yourself :-)After Anne was hanged, her body was to be dissected for medical studies. However, just when the first incision on Anne’s body is about to be made, Anne’s eyelids move… or so is though by everyone in the room. How could she not be dead after she was hanged? What follows is an intense and funny set of procedures to determine if, in fact, Anne’s body and soul are still on this world or the other.Oh! Newes from the dead is lovely! I enjoyed every single moment of the story. Granted, I was mad at Anne for believing her master but, it’s not much that she believed him but that she chose to do so.Back to the writing, Hooper hypnotized me with her style. It was never too much, or too little but just perfect.The ending: not a typical happy ending if you call it a happy ending at all. Since the story is based on the real life of Anne, it ended the way, I guess, it did centuries ago.