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Loteria: A Novel - Mario Alberto Zambrano Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/07/loteria-by-mario-alberto-zambrano.htmlLuz tells her story through a game of cards called loteria. Each card she draws has a picture (a hat, a spider, a frog, etc.) that reminds her of an episode of her life. Thus we know Luz and her family this way.Why is Luz’s father in jail? Where is her mom? Why is her sister Estrella in the ICU? Slowly and charmingly, Luz discovers little by little the happy and tragic moments of her family. The story is not about romance, mystery or adventure. It’s simply a prettily telling of a little Mexican girl’s life now in the USA, with some touches of Mexican culture and traditions. Loteria is short and goes fast. I read it in one day only. This is not the work that is going to get Zambrano into the Latin American’s writers guild, but the book could be used for discussion in high school.There’s plenty to take from the book to make students write about diversity, culture and tradition…. Something that students hate writing about but schools officials neglect to see. Oh! The price seems to be too high! The book is only 277 pages and tiny (5x7), and about 80 pages are pictures.