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Shut Up, You're Welcome: Thoughts on Life, Death, and Other Inconveniences

Shut Up, You're Welcome - Annie Choi Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/07/shut-up-you-are-welcome-by-annie-choi.htmlWhat is humor? From Wikipedia, humor is "the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement." That said, I believe that humor is highly subjective. Authors take a big fat chance when writing about their "humorous" lives because, describing that chicken that shat in your living room is not guaranteed to make me laugh... even if you wet your pants everytime you tell the story.Shut up, you are welcome is the collection of stories by Annie Choi describing her childhood and relationships with her parents and brother, her hatred for theater, and some other nuisances. It is supposed to be funny... as in, maybe is not.Which, it isn't. Really. I found the writing a little abrupt for my taste and the humor utterly dry; it didn't even make me smile.... not even a Mona Lisa smile.Nowadays, any author who uses the word "fuck" is described as a badass. Obviously, Choi is NOT my kind of badass... which reminds me, when is Chelsea Handler going to publish another book? I need something to wash the sour taste of Shut up, you are welcome off my once perfectly fine, now acrid mouth. Unfortunately, by the time I DNF the book the damage was already done.