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Deck Z: The Titanic: Unsinkable. Undead. - Matt Solomon, Chris Pauls In 1912, Weiss discovered a zombie virus. He escapes on board of the Titanic taking the only vial of the virus with him to prevent Germany from using it as a weapon.On the ship, however, the authenticity of the vial is on doubt. To attest its legitimacy, a little of its content is released…. Three people are infected… We all know that, when it comes to zombie stories, 2+1 does NOT equal 3. So the ship became infected… and then it sank.That would had been the end of the vial and zombies if 100 years later, a man “studying” what was left of the Titanic hadn’t found the vial. Yes, you are rightly guessing what is going to happen if Pauls writes another zombie book. Unless we are talking Brad Pitt’s zombies with super speed in the movie WWZ, all zombie books are pretty much same. They bite, people get infected, more biting, more infection… and those yet to be infected go around running….There is nothing new in Deck Z. But if you are new to zombies, this book will entertain you. Those who have already mastered the subject will need a better plot.