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Hope(less)  - Melissa Haag I read this book because David liked it.The summary doesn't say anything about the book! Well, I'll give my own.Gabby has an unusual ability of seeing the "light" of people. Not the aura but like... well, a light. Think of the X-Men when Xavier concentrated and could see where each mutant was. At least that is how I imagined it.Anyway, very very few people have this "ability" and those who do, have an unusual pull that make men notice them and... well, become obsess. Because of this talent (or whatever) Gabby is a potential mate for werewolves. Eventually, Gabby is introduced to a werewolf community, and she has to decide if she wants to be "claimed" by one of these werewolves or if she is going to live her own life and go to college, get a job, etc.This is where we meet Clay, Gabby's... destined mate. When Gabby meets Clay, she feels a "pull" that means they are meant for each other; however, Gabby refuses to accept that because she has other plans for herself. What is Clay to do? I liked that despite knowing that she was destined to be with Clay, Gabby refused to do so and Clay had to win her. Now the weird bad parts that made the story good:#1) What the hell Clay? He didn't talk AT ALL. Not even to say yes. This was totally out of the ordinary! I was wondering what the point of making this guy mute was and bam! I got used to that too.#2) We have minimal Clay in his skin; must of the story he is in his fur. Odd... but I got used to that too.#3) Gabby falls in love with Clay when he is in his dog form! Seriously Haag? There is even a scene where Gabby longed to touch his paws. Damn! I fell for the hairy dog too!#4) The book is all tell and no show. A lot of "I learned that werewolves ... this and that..." and "because werewolves... blah blah blah ..." So, a lot of explaining and little show. #5) The beginning of the book is totally weird, slow and stupid (don't get offended Haag).#6) Totally annoying the part of Gabby having this pull of men. I mean, it was fine that men couldn't stop looking at her, but I felt it was totally weird that she was constantly saying so.#7) Also, Gabby went to lives with a roommate, Rachel. Interesting enough (or magically?) every single man is attracted to Gabby but Peter, Rachel's boyfriend. How convenient. I was wondering when Clay was going to speak, or if at the end I was going to discover that he was actually mute and communicated through telepathy or something.All throughout the book I was "what a piece of crap" and then switched to "how sweet." Love won and I ended up loving Clay and loving the story despite its oddness and simplicity.This is a totally different werewolf account that made me have constant mixed feeling for the book. As I said, I was constantly changing from "I like it" to "I'm totally giving it 1-star." And last night I dreamed about the book all night! What the heck?