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The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-darkest-minds-by-alexandra-bracken.htmlI had to stop reading this book because:#1.- Ruby was going to give me an ulcer. She is the queen of wimps; scared of even breathing. What is the point of making her a wimpy shit if at the end she is going to save the story?#2.- Lack for information: a virus has turned kids into little X-men... what do they do exactly? They are assigned colors according to their abilities... which are what, exactly? Yes again.#3.- Those kids who didn't turn into super heroes in the making died. Just dropped dead. Why? Was it the virus?#4.- The new powerful children are taken to camps and the most dangerous ones are killed. Why? There was no chance at talking to them or something? Nope, just plain killed.#5.- Apparently, parents are the ones turning their own kids in. Seriously? I my son suddenly becomes a little Cyclopes I would do anything to protect him.#6.- So Ruby is taken to this camp when she was 10 and now she is 16. She has barely talked in her time there. She's had no glance of the outside world: no books, no music, no tv, no nothing. Yet, the night she is "rescued" she recognizes "the ebb and flow of Pink Floyd synthesizers" on the radio (p. 63). Seriously? #7.- And what’s up with the guards in the camp being sadistically cruel to the children? Why? Where did that come from? And all of them? In short, I was totally in love with the beginning of the book and my hands were shaking of excitement until I reached page 63. From there one, Ruby's lack of personality, character and depth annoyed me and I got sick and nauseous of constantly reading how scared she was to move, to think or to breath. On top of that, every other sentence contained "please.... and forgive me." I mean, she didn't need to be Xena, the warrior princes (not even Gabriel), but that pathetic and self-pitiful?