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The Next Thing I Knew: Heavenly Series Book 1

The Next Thing I Knew  - John Corwin I can't believe I paid to read something so stupid! Everybody dies and is living in an afterlife. In this afterlife they don't feel hunger, they don't feel pain, they don't even breath because they are dead, right? The possibilities are endless: they can orbit, so they go to space and the moon. They just have to think of a person or place and you are there.... I became bored of this pretty quickly. I didn't see the point of any of it. Lucy and friends wanted to save the human race but I just wondered, what human race, if everyone was dead? From other bloggers I picked that the first half of the book IS boring and the paced picked up for the second half but I didn't make it to the that part. I abandoned the book because "the next thing I knew" I wasn't interested in the story anymore.