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The Prey - Andrew Fukuda Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-prey-hunt-2-by-andrew-fukuda.htmlI loved The Hunt . I'll never tire of saying it. What first drew me to The Hunt was that the story is different to other vampire stories out there: humans (at the time one) trying to pass by vampire in a world ruled by said blood suckers.In The Prey we don't see that anymore. No more wrist scratching when you something is funny (only once), etc. All of the sudden, Gene has lost his vampire ways. And the tension of Gene trying to pass by a vampire is gone.In The Prey, Gene and the rest follow the river and arrive to a village called The Mission. Here, things are very odd: most girls are pregnant, they have lotus feet, and adult women shine for their absence. I was a bit disappointed with The Prey. I did enjoy the weirdness of the village but I was expecting a more of the original concept of the story and less of a typical dystopian village.But don't get me wrong, The Prey is still very enjoyable and I will definitely read the next book. I really liked the Gene and Sissy don't keep secrets from each other. Sissy tells Gene that she wants to be with him always and forever. I liked this straightforwardness after beating around the bushes with Ashley June and Gene in the previous book.Ah! and if you want to know what happened to Ashley June you'll have to read the book because I'm not telling....Finally, the book is full of excitement and near death scenarios but I still don't understand why Richelle Mead compares it to the Hunger Games.