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Orleans - Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/orleans-by-sherri-l-smith.htmlThis book has so many good reviews that I feel evil for not liking it!I liked that there's no romance in the story. FINALLY! Not everything has to lead to romance. I was wondering at the beginning, if Fen is like 16 and Daniel is 24, will Smith dare to romance the stone b/w these two? she did not.I enjoyed Fen's broken English BUT, it made wonder, didn't people speak proper English in Orleans before they were shut off from the world?Because just about 40 years had passed since the city was locked up. In that little time people forgot how to use verbs, nouns, pronouns and everything else that Strunk and White advise in The elements of style... The characters felt empty and I didn't care if they lived of died. These bunch of tribes fighting for blood just seemed like a different kind of drug addict vampires. The story didn't hold my interest and I abandoned the book.