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Frost - Marianna Baer Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/frost-by-marianna-baer.htmlFinally the torture is over. I was going mad with the slow pace of this ridiculous story. The characters are hollow, undeveloped, plain and ridiculous. I'm giving it one star because there aren't negative stars to give.The entire review is hidden because of spoilers so read at your own risk.As you know from the summary, Leena and friends move into this cozy Victorian house at boarding school and an unexpected roommate, Celeste, is assigned to them. Fine.Celeste: Little creepy things start happening: a photo falls from the wall, Celeste's skirt is ripped on the floor and she thinks Leena did it, Celeste opens the cold faucet and hot water comes out instead, she hears some taping on the wall, she wakes up with some bruises on her arms... and that's it. Leena: every time she feels scared, sad, threaten or whatever she takes some medication. What kind medication and what for? I don't know, the book didn't say but obviously she suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, depression or something. She also takes into hiding in a closet where she feels safe (no further explanation here). Because all this, Celeste thinks the house is haunted but Leena thinks Celeste has mental problems. One day the house gets on fire while Leena is passed out in the closet. Obviously Leena is rescued and finds out that the house had been leaking carbon monoxide for while. As per page 388, the Carbon Monoxide was making Celeste sick (insomnia, delusion, weird physical sensations) which along with her vivid imagination made her believe the house was haunted. In the last three pages, Leena and Celeste sit down to talk and they come to the conclusion that the house in deed was haunted and wanted Celeste to leave but Leena to stay... forever.The book itself was slow; it tried to be a mystery but it turned out to be a tedious read of insignificant characters and petty events that didn't amount to anything. The characters were idiots too. For instance, when Celeste burned herself in the bathroom, Leena applies antibiotic and COVERS THE BURN WITH A BANDAGE! Seriously, not even I am that stupid. Her friends also dropped Leena and are planning to move out of the house because Leena prefers Celeste over them. Seriously, were they in first grade?