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Elemental - Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/elemental-by-anthony-john.htmlI looove Avatar: the last air bender and that is why I picked this book.By the way, is this a series? Because I'd love for more books to come. As you know from the summary, in this colony everybody can summon an element but Thomas. Obviously, he feels like shit because of that. On top of that, the other people would never touch him as if he doesn't deserve human contact for not having an element.One night a storm comes and the elders and the kids (age 16 and below) have to split. The elders, called the Guardians, stay in the colony and the kids go to a refuge one island over. On top of that, pirates show up looking for "the one" (not Neo) and burn the colony down. The obvious pattern of thought here is to think that "the one" is Thomas because he is the only one who is different. So, why would the pirates want the one a kid who has no power/abilities/element?Now there are just about six kids to fight the pirates and survive. Ah! But there’s something else, on this island where the kids sought refuge, their powers seems to enhance. What is about the island that help their element manifest?In the middle of all this, there is an undercover love triangle going on. Alice and Rose both like Thomas. Who will Thomas like back? While Alice is fierce and wild, Rose is delicate.... just like her name. I liked the romance because it was very pure and sweet despite the hints and killing looks that Alice and Rose would let come out… catfight? No yet! The book has some other interesting intrigues as well. For instance, Griffin, Thomas's brother is a seer. Also, although everybody has an element not everybody can control it as they wish which causes some friction.I love the writing, the way the story is told, the intrigues, the way everything is waved and comes together at the end. In short, I'm in love with this book.I wonder if this is a series because it doesn't say this is book 1 but the way it ended, there's room for more. And I hope so :-)