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Fracture - Megan Miranda Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/fracture-by-megan-miranda.htmlDelaney drowned in a frozen lake. She died. Her best friend, Decker pulled her out after 11 minutes under the water. Then she woke up. But she woke up with a peculiar ability: she can sense people who are about to die, or is it that people die because she's there? Delaney is just trying to understand this ability (or curse) when one day she feels the usual 'pull' towards somebody who is going to die. She turns around... to face two of her friends. Which one is going and which one is staying? What can she do to stop it?I loved the story since the moment I started reading. Miranda's writing is wonderful and I devoured every single word. I especially loved how Delaney's ability developed and how she came to realize what was going on with her.One day Delaney meets Troy, a boy who is just like her. She is kind of grateful not to be the only one with this gift/curse.There is also a tender romance going on between Delaney and Decker who have been best friend since childhood but now feel more than friendship. Unfortunately, none of them is saying anything about it.What I didn't like #1: Delaney constant whining that something was wrong with her because she was supposed to be dead but she wasn't. She also kept referring to herself like as an anomaly, a freak because of her ability. And on top of that Delaney just kept asking why she was alive. "Why me?"Hello! There was an accident, you are still alive. Be grateful. But nope, incomprehensibly, she feels she doesn't deserve to be alive and that everything is wrong because she should've died but she didn't. I really got annoyed with this bit. What I didn't like #2: Delaney kept accusing Decker of leaving her for Tara (a girl who is in the story to cause some tension in the romance aspect of the story, because really, Tara didn't serve any other purpose). Anyways, despite Decker risking his own life to pull Delaney out of the lake, being in the hospital with her, and crying like a baby when he saw she was alive... Delaney chooses to believe that he prefers Tara. "He left me. To be with her." Hello #2! Are you two supposed to be together 24 hours a day? Besides, you are the one always walking away so he is not the one "leaving."The ending was kind of weird. Why would you go back to the lake if you almost died there? Yeah, inexplicable. Besides those minor irritating points I loved the story and Miranda's style. I am to read her other book, Hysteria, next. If I like it then I am definitely becoming her newest fan.Note: I just found out that Fracture is a series and this is just book #1. ... I don't know where else the book could go but, as much as I liked it, I don't see the point of another one.