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The Different Girl

The Different Girl - Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-different-girl-by.html#1.-Well, these for girls are identical except for the hair. That is how you tell them apart.#2.-By page 57 I guessed the plot but kept reading because the writing style is nice.#3.- Nothing ever happens.#4.- This book is a nice respite from zombies, dystopian, action, blood and Xenalike heroines.5.- But really, nothing ever happens.6.- Lots of questions unanswered (who destroyed the island and why?)7.- NOTHING happens in this book yet I felt compelled to finish it. This is totally unexplainable and has me seriously doubting my sanity.8.- Did I say that nothing ever happens? Well, nothing is ever said either: why are the girls there, what is their purpose in life, why are they being educated the way the are, why only one of them can have dreams and the rest doesn't?9.- Again, I felt I was receiving a brain massage because I didn't have to engage my neurons with this book. 10.- I think it would make a great book to read and discuss for middle school :-)