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Deviants - Maureen McGowan Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/deviants-by-maureen-mcgowan.htmlI am a huge fan of the X-Men and this book, Deviants, has X-men written all over it, Ah! It also has some elements of that first Hulk movie with Eric Banna.That said, let’s get into Deviants. When I started reading Deviants I was getting bored because of the chit-chat about the world before and the world now. We start learning about Glory and her brother Drake who is paralyzed from the waist down. They are orphans because their father killed their mom and he was “expunged” from the city. They now live in a new world 300 years after the planet was destroyed. They live inside a dome where the new rules go from having to have a dating license (if you want to have a boyfriend) to having the food rationed. I started liking this book when I read about the procedure to get a dating license! Anyways, Glory and Drake are deviants (hence the title of the book) very much X-Men like. Deviants are not wanted in this new place called Haven so she has to keep her deviant power (she can kill you by just looking at you) a secret. The only problem? Carl, Glory’s boyfriend, is a secret Comp working undercover to find deviants. To Glory’s horror, one day her boyfriend Carl and the Comps (police) come looking for her and her brother. Fortunately, they are saved by Burn, another deviant with cool powers. There’s a lot to talk about in this book but I’ll try to keep it short not to bore you :- )Burns takes Glory out of the domed city of Haven to a safe place but before they get there, they have to go through a lot of action, meeting more deviants, and killing a few undesirables. Now Glory gets to try her powers on real people (until now, she’d only killed rats). And her brother? He got a very cool deviance of his own! The book is packed with action. The Comps are not the only danger Glory has to face now; outside Haven live some type of mutants called Shredders and dangerous humans who do not care about their own. I didn’t like the writing style too much but I was able to put that aside and enjoyed the story to the very end. I think that my initial problem with the story had to do with the way the new world they live in is described. Instead of showing you, McGowan tells you this and that. I guess sometimes that is necessary but having it that way at the very beginning of the book put my expectations away.Sometimes Glory determination to protect her brother Drake was annoying and ridiculous; after all, Drake was 13 and she was like… 15. So… Thus she irritated the hell out of me from times to times but I just chose to skip her lines. I like that our heroine, Glory, finally had a normal name! But what’s up with Burn? Really?The book has all the basic elements that dystopian stories seem to have: corrupt government that controls through fear, food, etc.; another city outside of the city, a rebel army, etc. I can’t imagine all the effort that McGowan put into making this dystopia work. So when you start reading this book, be persistence and read pass the first few chapters. Hopefully, it will stick with you.