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Shift - Em Bailey Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/shift-by-em-bailey.htmlThis book is so idiotic!Olive knows that Miranda is bad news but still becomes her best friend. The second half of the book is about Olive following and doing everything Miranda says until the last 10 pages where she, well, you know, doesn't.Why do high school books have to have the following:#1) the most beautiful, perfect but bitchiest girl that every guy in school wants but#2) the new guy who doesn't like her because, instead he likes#3) the "weird" girl who just has "simple" hair, body or skin and who everybody else avoids?Yes, this book is like that too. According to Olive, Katie is the most beautiful girl there is and every guy should fall for her. That is why she is very surprised when the new guy in the school, Lachlan, in a conversation they are having by the pool tells Olive "Hang on. [...] I just want to know a bit about you. About who you are." Isn't that sweet? Ohhh! How romantic... crap! Every new YA is about the same high school love... manure. Chilling psychological thriller? Absolutely not. I didn't feel any thrill in those 300 pages. I was bored to death and just finished the book to find out if Miranda really was what page 51 insinuated her to be.So Miranda takes Katie identity and nobody realizes that. I mean, absolutely no one can see that Miranda now dresses, acts, and looks like Katie. What were the rest of the people in the book? Mannequins?Anyways, the second half of the book is not about what the summary says. This part is a new twist that I didn't see coming and, although interesting, it became lame. I exhausted. Shift drained me out. I need to go to sleep.