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The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand

The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand - Gregory Galloway Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-39-deaths-of-adam-strand-by-gregory.htmlI don't really know how to explain this book. The concept of the story is good and new but it left me empty.Adam has killed himself 39 times: "18 times by jumping (from bridge or building or other high place and once from the back of a truck), five by drowning, five by asphyxiation, four by poison/overdose, three by hanging, one by fire, one by gun, one by chain saw, and one by train" (page 9). Every time he comes back. He won't stay dead. Why did Adam want to die? Well, he is not unhappy, although he is kind of bored. Killing himself is something that called to him. He was drawn to it (like something you are born with), and he kept doing it.Interesting, right? Well, the problem is that Galloway doesn't explain what happens when Adam kills himself.For instance, Adam jumped off a bridge. He wakes up in the hospital. My questions are: does he has scars? Does he have water in his lungs? did he at least break a leg?On pages 76-77 Adam describes how he killed himself with a gun but he doesn't say what happened when he pulled the trigger. Did he get a hole through his chin? Did he bleed? Was he ushered to the hospital and given stitches? Did his brain splashed all over the walls and he grew a new brain? I ask because Adam says that after pulling the trigger his father found him and cleaned the mess. What mess? Does that mean that although he cannot die he can bleed?It is the same thing when he burned himself alive. He poured gas all over himself... again he didn't die. And once again Galloway doesn't mention if Adam got burned at all. Did he just set himself on fire and the fire didn't catch? Did at least his clothes get on fire? Did his hair burn? Or does Adam have Superman's skin?I didn't like the book because all these details were left unanswered.I didn't even want to know why he wouldn't die; but I did want to know what happened (exactly) every time Adam killed himself.