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The Girl in the Wall - Daphne Benedis-Grab Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-girl-in-wall-by-daphne-benedis-grab.htmlI think this is the first book about broken friendships that I like.Sera and Ariel are rich. Like, really rich. And they used to be best friends... until something happened (of course) and then they were not.But Ariel wasn't happy with just not being Sera's friend anymore; she turned the entire school against Sera.Now Sera has to go over Ariel's mansion for Ariel's weekend birthday party. Yeap, the birthday will take the entire weekend and this super famous singer, Hudson Winters, will perform.So, although Sera doesn't want to go to the party, her father makes her go because of the business ties with Ariel's father. And so she goes.Birthday party: there is Sera, ignored by everyone but looking forward to Hudson's performance. Just as he is in the middle of the first song, the birthday turns into a hostage situation. Amongst so many rich kids, who have they come for?Masked men break in and the party is over... but during the short turmoil, Ariel sneaks into one of the many secret passages the house has and hides in the secret tunnels. This does not make the masked men happy and they threaten (and delivered) to start killing people if they don't tell them where Ariel is. The problem? That the nobody but Sera has any clue about those secret tunnels thus they really don't know where Ariel might be. Will Sera tell?I'll stop here. The story is told in the voices of Sera and Ariel. Each voice takes where the other one left and I just loved that: Sera's perspective of the hostage situation and then Ariel's. I loved this book except for these:#1) Of all the cute girls in the party, super famous singer Hudson Winters goes to seat with Sera. Annoyingly, she asks him "why me? Why are you sitting with me?" Seriously? what did she want, a marriage proposal right then and there?#2) I didn't quite buy the way this bunch of rich kids plan to take over their captors. Armed, as in with guns, captors, mind you. Really, is this even possible?The story covers the broken friendship of Sera and Ariel and at the end we see a transformation, mainly in Ariel.