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Paper Valentine - Brenna Yovanoff Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/02/paper-valentine-by-brenna-yovanoff.htmlEver since I read The Replacement by Yovanoff, I became a fan of her. Unfortunately, Paper Valentine didn't work for me.Thinking about it, I suspect it must be the ghost part of the story that I didn't dig.In a town where a serial killer is on the loose, Hannah and the ghost of her best friend, Lilian (and of course, love interest Finn) team up to find out who is killing all these girls.Once again, I didn't get it. Don't get me wrong, the story is beautifully written. I really liked the way Yovanoff get with words. She writes a lot without being annoying (like in Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone), and at the same time she writes just enough. Other than not liking the ghost in the story, everything else was great... yet, it didn't touch my heart.The suspense and mystery of the serial killer turned out to be very original. Didn't see that one coming.In short, Paper Valentine is flawlessly written. Many, many bloggers absolutely loved the book. The fact that I didn't just reaffirms my suspicion that something is utterly not right with me :-)