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More Bitter Than Death: A Novel

More Bitter Than Death: A Novel - Camilla Grebe,  Åsa Träff,  Paul Norlen Since I am a fan of Nordic writers I had to read More Bitter Than Death. However, I thought the book would focus more on the mystery of discovering who killed Tilde’s mother than domestic violence. That is, I thought this would be a Camilla Lackberg and Jussi Adler-Olsen type of book but it’s not. Tilde, a five-year-old girl, is the only witness to her mom murder. One day, while Tilde was under the kitchen table drawing, a man comes in and beats her mother to death. The only thing Tilde could see was his shoes.Tilde’s case falls in the hands of psychologist Siri Bergman and her friend Aina, who host a self-help group for victims of domestic abuse. The book covers the lives of five different women in the group and then Tilde. I find this book very interesting for therapists and family counselors. And, although is not a how-to book, it would help women of domestic abuse because the advice is disguised under a fictional novel, yet everything the novel covers is very real. I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I’ve enjoyed other Stockholm mysteries. In fact, it was a very slow read for me and I had trouble keeping focused. It must have been because of the other stories and I wanted to focus on Tilde. However, the book appeals to a very common problem and I think its subject along makes it worth reading.