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Before I Go To Sleep - S J Watson Imagine waking up and not recognizing your face. This is Chritine's life. She lost her memory after an accident but if that wasn't enough, she also suffers from short term memory. So everyday when she wakes up, she's forgotten what happened yesterday.If you watch the Drew Barrymore's movie Fifth First Dates you'll have an idea of what this book is about.Why doesn't Christine recognize her own face? Because the last memory she has of her face is from she was young and now she is.... old.What would you do to remember who you are? Well, Christine is keeping a diary. For some reason, everyday when she wakes up she goes to this shoe box and finds her diary and reads it. That's how she knows she is not insane and can wave together yesterday's events to today's. Everyday, she adds that day's important events to the diary. And that is how she can "remember" who is whom.The problem? Christine is married and she is suspecting her husband... of something. What exactly she doesn't know but she doesn't trust him anymore. I was totally taken with this book. My mind can't just process how a person can live with short term memory or not memory at all.I was totally immersed in the story and found it brilliant. I hope they make a movie out of this book because it will really be a good movie.