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This Is Not a Drill - Beck McDowell I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would.Jake and Emery are seniors who tutor first graders. One day, the father of one of the kids comes in demanding to take his kid. Since he has to go through the office and all that to take his son out, he opts to pull out a gun and take the entire class hostage instead.The book is a very quick read but I didn't feel connected to the story one bit. Maybe because you know from the beginning that the guy has PTSD (is in the summary)...? I mean, we all know how PTSD works for soldiers back from war.The story also covers Jake and Emery who used to go out but "broke up" when Jake messed up. She doesn't want to be near him but she is trapped with him which forces them both to reminiscent in their relationship and take a look at themselves.I am almost scared to say I didn't like the book because of its subject. With the recent Sandy Hook, CT events, who is crazy not to like this type of book?Well, I just felt the story empty. It didn't deepen in anything at all. I felt it was more like a rushed idea to write a book about a school hostage situation to take advantage of the turmoil that Sandy Hook caused.Of course, McDowell may have written this book for an entire different entire but this is just what I felt while reading it because it doesn't really engages in anything. In short, the book is very superficial and it may appeal to your heart. That is, if you have one which apparently I don't.