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The Night She Disappeared - April Henry Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-night-she-disappeared-by-april-henry.htmlI couldn't put down this book, not because it was overly thrilling but because it was real enough that it kept me interested.Kayla, Drew and Gabie work at at pizza place. One day, Kayla asked Gabie to switch shifts so she, Kayla, could have Friday night off. So the night that Kayla covered Gabie shift a guy called in asking for a pizza delivery. Kayla goes to do the delivery... and never returns. The thing is, though, that the guy who called in the delivery asked if Gabie was the one doing it. So Gabie is falling apart because she feels that it was her who was supposed to be missing... if only she hadn't said yes to Kayla. The investigation to find Kayla starts and the lives of Gabie and Drew change and question hangs in the air. If Kayla was taken by mistake, will the guy come back for Gabie? I liked this book very much because, first of all, it was quick to read. It didn't have unnecessary descriptions and words (like Amelia Ann is Dead and Gone).The story went straight to the point. It is told in different voices, Kayla’s, Drew’s, Gabie’s, and even the guy who took Kayla so we also know what disappeared Kayla is going through.Of course there is romance. Drew and Gabie like each other but because Gabie is rich and Drew isn't, their romance is not simple. Now, you must be thinking this is so a cliche but it actually isn't; at least not the way Henry portrays it. So the romance part was actually nice and interesting too. I found the entire way the story is told very realistic, like I was reading something that could actually happen. The characters kept it real and the story developed nicely. I just didn't dig the last chapter because... well, that is my personal taste. But it doesn't take away from the story either.Truly a wonderful YA thriller.