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The Farm - Emily McKay Why is this book compared to Hunger Games? It must be because an electric fence surrounds the farm… otherwise I don’t see anything remotely similar.The book tries too hard to make you feel sorry for Lily through Mel. Let me explain, Lily and Mel are identical twins. Mel is autistic and Lily has to take care of her. All through the book we are saturated with “I have to protect Mel,” “I must take care of Mel,” Mel, Mel, Mel…...The sisters live in a place called The Farm where teenagers are fed and kept for in exchange for blood to feed the vampires that have taken over the world. This farm is not as philanthropic as it sounds, though. One day Lily finds Carter in The Farm, an ex crush who is there for obscure reasons. Mind you, such reasons were obscured for about two pages only because too quick – rather than not, it was revealed what Carter’s agenda was.This would’ve been a good story if it wasn’t so empty of everything. At one point Carter is explaining to Lily what’s up with him and his being in The Farm, and when he tells her that vampire Roberto de la Cruz has taken over the world… Lily starts laughing because it is SOOO funny that the name of this vampire is Roberto, or Bob. I didn’t see anything funny in this and Lily’s uncontrollable laugh at this was just stupid.Moving forward, Carter and Lily liked each other long before the world taken over by these vampires and ticks. Obviously, they never said anything because, apparently, they were waiting for the world to end to meet again in The Farm so they could be together! Pathetic.What is even more pathetic is this abductora ability that Lily supposedly has. I won’t say more about this because it would a major spoiler for those of you who find it within your stomach to finish the book.By page 200 I was tired of reading nothing and too much at the same time.I didn’t like anything about this book. I found it boring and empty, trying to push a vampire theme because they think it's still hot.