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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/01/obsidian-by-jennifer-l-armentrout.htmlToo much conversation, chit-chat and blah blah blah and no action. I abandoned the book half way through when Kat finds out that her friends (and probably half of the town? are aliens. "Do you hate me now" - Alien friend Dee asks Kat." No! Why would I? You are an alien and that's way too cool!" Seriously people? If you just discover your neighbors are alien you won't freak out... just a little bit?So, Kat moves to this small town God knows where and makes friend with Dee, her neighbor who acts as if she has never seen humans before and Kat is the first doll she has to play with. Obviously, gorgeous Daemon and Dee's brother doesn't like Kat for no other reason than it has to be this way so they can fall in love. But Kat seems to wear some type of alien repellent because the other aliens, as soon as they see her, forbid Dee to be friends with her "because she is not like us," they say right in front of Kat.Weird, you'd be a little more careful when referring to your not-human-condition, no?Anyways, a couple of strange things lead Kat to suspect she doesn't know exactly what until one day Daemon (almost Twilight-like) saves her of being hit. In order to save Kat's life he had to use hi alien's abilities and reveal himself to Kat.The entire book is pretty dull and the only thing that is obvious is that Daemon doesn't like Kat regardless finding her beautiful. Kat doesn't like Daemon either because he makes fun of her and has a hard time keeping her eyes away off his perfect body. My favorite cliche in this book is when Daemon tells Kat that she is beautiful and she doesn't believe him... "really? I'm beautiful?"Errr... noooo! A skinny girl with curves in all the right places, long curly hair and big eyes is not beautiful. Please! Get real. When are they going to write real freaking characters? What I liked: Kat keeps a review blog (even if just for the sake of appealing to us bloggers :-) ).