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The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-hunt-by-andrew-fukuda.htmlThis might just be the winning trilogy of this year.All books I've read are about vampires living among humans. Well, The Hunt is finally different, is about humans living in a world of vampires. In the year I don't know when (and who cares?) the human race has been extinct; well almost. A few humans here and there are still alive. Those humans still alive have to pretend to be vampires so they won't be found out. But, how do you do that if a) you sweat - vampires don't; b) you don't run fast - vampires do; c) you laugh - vampires don't; and so forth...?Well, Gene has to be very careful because one little mistake and he's dead.I loved this book because it is totally something out of the ordinary. It has a lot of action. I didn't feel bored. I gave it to my sister to read this morning and she just returned it to me asking for the second one (is night time now). Do publishers and publicist know how much it hurts a book when compared to another one? On the cover of The Hunt it says that this is just like The Hunger Games. Well! I went in expecting to find a 'Peta' and 'Katniss', obviously, no?The book is NOT similar to The Hunger Games. In the name of Lucifer, stop comparing books! Every book is singular and unique!Back to the book. Gene wins a lottery to participate in a hunt. That is, the vampires are going to compete to hunt, kill, and eat the last five remaining humans who are safely guarded for experiments, observations and for the new world of vampires to learn more about the primitive ways of humans.Gene has been living all alone until now. For the competition, he will have to share and train with the other winners. At this place where they are, there's no water because vampires don't sweat, and don't get thirty. This is a problem for Gene because he's beginning to stink (of human) and the vampires can smell it, he can't shave (vampires don't have hair), and he is dehydrated and needs water ASAP. I will stop here. I didn't give it the full five stars because there are little things here and there that I just found to be stupid and unconvincing. I overlooked those little details because, well, we are humans! But the book got me and my sister into a literary/vampire discussion, and my mother pissed because the book is in English and she can't read the language :-)