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The Watchers - Jon Steele According to those bloggers who found the way to finish the book, this book is wonderful. Well, it might be, but if I have to get a headache to discover its greatness.... it's not going to happen. I was on page 250 and nothing to hold my interest was going on.The Steele must be a marvelous writer able to connect so many dots in the story but I got irritated with the other part of the nonsense. The book is really a nightmare to read, but for those who live in a higher dimension the book was a blissful read.Sorry, I do like challenging books but when I find myself having to go back to the good reviews of a book to tell me that yes, the book is hard/boring/confusing at the beginning but that it picks up... well, it's not something I am going to invest my time in. I have way too many books to read to wait for this one to show its worth.