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What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles Series #1)

What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles Series #1) - I don't get the point of this book. And what it's worst, there's more coming.Eva and Addie live in one body. Their family is waiting for one of them to sleep (die) so they don't become a hybrid and get taken away. When one of them die, this is called 'settle' which Eva and Addie fake in order to pretend that only Addie is alive and Eva is asleep (dead). Addie meets Hally (who is a hybrid) and her brother Devon (another hybrid). So the four of them Addie/Eva and Devon/Ryan fall in love. This is a four person romance with only two bodies.They take turns to let the other personality take over so they can all talk and shit.As expected, they are found out and taken away to an institution for hybrids. And this is where I stopped because I didn't see the point of the story. Are they going to take into another body so everybody is a separate entity? Maybe, I don't know. I got bored with the story, didn't get into the characters and found the entire thing stupid.