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The Temptation - Alisa Valdes Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-temptation-by-alisa-valdez.html12/23/12I hate instant love romance. This is one of those. Why do I keep reading this crap? 12/24/12The only temptation I got with this book was to stop reading it. But obviously I must have some kind subconscious line of masochism in me that I actually finished it despite wanting to kill Shane.So, Shane is driving to a violin performance with her dog. Stupidity #1 right there. What was she going to do with the dog in a concert? Leave him in the car? Which she actually does later on (very smart). Going forward, there is a heavy storm and she can hardly see the road but instead of stopping she keeps driving and has an accident. Long story short, Travis saves her and the dog, and they are instantly in love. Turns out that this sudden love is because they are kindred souls; that is, destined to be together. ***** WARNING ********* Full of spoilers from here on!But Travis is a ghost during the night and human during the day and the rules of the underworld forbid them to be together just in case they have sex and have supernatural children.Anyways, Travis has an enemy, Victor, who goes after Shane to hurt Travis. Let's leave it at that.Travis and Shane meet up in the dessert and they admit the almost, like, love for each other, and "if we feel like this just holding hands imagine when we kiss."Travis tells Shane to go home but she follows him and ends up in a cave where all ghosts are. This cave is like a portal to another dimension for Travis and his kind. In the cave full of ghosts, Stupidity #2 happens: Shane receives a phone call. Really, reception out there? And shouldn't you be concerned that you are surrounded by ghosts (even if in the form of shadows) to answer your cell?Stupidity #3) Shane brought her dog with her... again. Obviously, she left the dog in the car and Victor, Travis's enemy took him. Pretty intense to kidnap a dog!Stupidity #4) Logan, Shane's actual boyfriend, is telling her that he loves her and pouring his heart out about how he enjoys killing animals. Shane is all grossed out and like "eeohh, no way" but Logan just keeps going on and on about his ability to track and kill animals, and how killing with guns in not enough anymore and he now super enjoys killing with his hands and feeling the blood.... whatever. I don't know what is the point of this confession. Obviously Shane breaks up with him right there and then.You would think that Logan would stop his monologue at Shane's reaction. But nope, he just goes on and on like that rabbit with the Energizer batteries. Hello! "We should break up" Shane says. "Okay, it's not like I cannot get any chick I want" Logan says. Smooth! Pretty much the entire school knows that Shane sees ghosts and is in love with one so she is looked at as a mental case.The must unbelievable part is that this book is only the first one of what I assume will come in three. It ends with Shane going to the "other side" or underworld to rescue Travis. I also assume that Logan's animal killing power will develop and have a meaning in coming books.There, I told you it was spoiler full :-)