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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green This is the link to the review on my blog http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2012/07/fault-in-our-stars-by-john-green.htmlMeet Hazel, diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 12 and ready to die.While reading the beginning of the book I felt a “click” with the story that ended when Hazel met Gus at Cancer Support Group (apparently people who suffer cancer have a massive vocabulary, especially teenagers).Are you supposed to like a book just because it is about cancer and dying teenagers? Some readers loved this book so much that they get offended if you don’t. Others practically call you an idiot if you don't get the story, break down and cry, and others simply hate you if you don't worship it! Well, I feel the book says a lot and nothing at the same time. The characters are not believable and the plot seems forced. We know someone (or all of them?) is going to die, so Green threw in some little mystery about a fictional book to keep the story together. Sadly, the story didn’t work for me. I did not enjoy the story within the story of the book (the writer, the fictional book...). I feel it was too fast paced. I mean, not that the book had to be only about sickness and that, but I didn't get this "An Imperial Affection" mystery/conflict.I did feel sad and almost cried at one point or two, but that wasn’t enough to make like the book. The illness of the characters is pictured in a very subliminal, commercial way: to appeal to your emotions and make you like the story because Hazel is walking around with her oxygen tank. Sorry, not enough to get my empathy. It still felt empty; and I still know it's fiction. I’m including the links of some other readers who did not enjoy “the fault in our stars” either. Some of them express my sentiments perfectly; others add to it. But since I can’t just copy them, here and here is what they said.