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Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2012/12/stolen-letter-to-my-captor-by-lucy.htmlIn a heart-breaking letter, Gemma tells Ty, her captor, how she felt (and feels) when he kidnapped her.Sixteen year old Gemma is at the airport with her parents on a trip to Vietnam when she sees this older guy checking her out. Of course she is thrilled to get the attention of cute older men; because he is cute. Ty offers to buy her coffee and next thing Gemma knows she wakes up in an unknown place.Why would a good looking guy who wouldn’t have any trouble picking up girls kidnap her? Stolen reminds me of Still Missing because both captors seek the love of their victims. Unlike Still Missing, Stolen doesn’t have any sexual content. The book is more like a forced love story: Ty wants Gemma to love him.In the book Gemma tells Ty how she feels and how she felt when she woke up to find that attractive guy she was having coffee with as her kidnapper; and against all rationality, she finds herself emotionally attached to him. What I didn’t like: I find Ty’s explanation of why he kidnapped Gemma lacking reason. I mean, I would understand why a psychopath would do something like that, but Ty is not a psychopath (or is he? It didn’t seem so to me) so his motives to go after Gemma were weak and not convincing. I did like the take on Stockholm syndrome in the story which reminded of Captive in the Dark minus the BDSM. I can also compare Stolen to But I Love Him in terms tackling on the romance of unhealthy relationships.The book does a nice job describing the confused feelings of a teenager falling for her bad guy and I did enjoy that Gemma fought back. She didn’t just accept her situation and cried for help. She actually did something to help herself.I don’t know why the book is catalogued as thriller because the entire book is Gemma’s letter to Ty. There’s no search party or investigation going on although would’ve been nice to see what kind of leads the police would’ve come up with. Likewise, I would have liked to see the reaction of Gemma’s parents when they discovered her missing at the airport.