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The Stone Girl - Alyssa B. Sheinmel The Stone Girl takes a never-ending slow view on anorexia.The only thing worth noting in this story is when Sethie finally admits to her mother that she might "need something" as in help because she doesn't eat. Other than that moment of almost becoming alive, it is like Sethie lives her life in denial of everything. She didn't even react when her "boyfriend" told her that he was seeing someone else and they had to end their "friendship." Forgive me if this is a spoiler.Sethie never stands up for herself; in fact, she is an empty character that does nothing but contribute to more dead trees.The books is lost in its lack of action, plot, intrigue, and... and... the lack of quality to make it interesting.It was very exasperating reading "Sethie didn't think she was larking enough to wear skinny jeans," and "Sehtie thinks Janey must be faking." Sethie thinks... Sethie doesn't think... BORING!Publisher think that ANY book revolving around anorexia and bulimia are worth printing BUT they are NOT!!!!! Especially not this one.What I liked about this book? Mmmm... Let me see... The cover! However, this will be a book I'll never forget because of its sleep inducing pace.