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Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion It was interesting at the beginning. Reading about zombies from a zombie's point of view. Why don't they speak? Why do they feed on humans, I mean, on the living? Very interesting in deed. They even had their own community, got married and had children!I thought I had found my next great book when I got bored with the story. It could be that I hate jumping back and forth and after R ate Perry's brain he had Perry's memories and we could learn about Perry and Julie this way...I didn't see the point of this either because Perry was already dead.At first I thought Julie was going to be a dump girl and she turned out to be a feisty foul mouthed. Also, I didn't get the miraculous cure for the zombie disease.I get why R was in love with Julie but, why was she in for him? It reminded me of Dearly, Departed: R is a good looking zombie minus the ability to speak... fluently, that is. The whole story was slow and dragging but different and interesting during the first half.