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Envy - Gregg Olsen Via http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2012/10/envy-by-gregg-olsen.htmlThe story is very interesting, especially because it was taken from actual events.In a small town where everyone knows each other, Katelyn kills herself. The doctor rules it as an accident to spare the family the pain of thinking that they failed their only daughter.For twins Hayley and Taylor the death of Katelyn is not clear and although they knew Katelyn had some emotional problems, they don’t think that would've been enough to make her commit suicide. So they take upon themselves to find out how Katelyn really died and make sure the responsible party gets punished. The journey they take to find out the truth and discover Katelyn’s real killer is sometimes dull. The story is good but sometimes I felt it was dragging. Hayely and Taylor have some kind of supernatural ability that I found to be silly but… it was what helped them to solve Katelyn’s death. I like the way Olsen writes though, very suspense building and emotive. I was kind of imagining it was ‘Mary Alice Young’ of Desperate Housewives narrating the story. It gave me that kind of mysterious yet fun vibe!The story tackles a couple of issues all at once: cyber-bullying, family secrets, paranormal powers, and how far some people go when they want to “teach a lesson”. I won’t say more because it would be a spoiler :-)There is also a mystery surrounding the twins. Along with Katelyn – now dead – they are the only survivors of a crash that happened ten years ago and of which they can’t remember anything and their parents refuse to talk about. I didn't like the end though. The twins, so righteous about crime and punishment end up killing a reporter. Well, not actually killing but as accomplices of murder and agreeing to keep it a secret. That didn’t quite make sense to me! There was no point to the murder and they show no remorse whatsoever. But since this book is part of a series, maybe in future books the twins will be eaten will guilt and fess up. I also didn't like that super mini-Diva Starla didn't get a taste of her own medicine. She is that type that type that is so beautiful that she thinks that the sun shines just make her happy. I wanted to see so kind of retribution on her case but, as I mentioned above, maybe that was left for the next books. I couldn’t stand the text messages!!! Is that they way Olsen thinks teenagers text? Cul8er for ‘see you later’ and other acronyms and all caps. Really, that was truly annoying so I just skipped it. I really liked the end. Although things ended up almost quite the way they were supposed to be, the way Katelyn died did come as a surprised to me.