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Stealing Breath - Joanne Brothwell Via LectusFirstly, is this a contemporary or historical piece? what year is this story set in? Because they talk about new comers bringing the faith to the community as if they are living in the 17th century. But if it is present day, why do they live like that: with healers, magic bath and skinwalkers? I wished Brothwell had explained in what kind of century this story was taking place, although I figured it to be present day because at some point I read Sarah drove a Honda Civic…Also, Sarah is at a campsite when she hears a soft cry for help. She sprints into the woods chasing after the cry and after TEN MINUTES walk she gets to where the cry is coming from…Nobody else sees anything wrong with this? Unless she has bionic hearing like Superman, how did she hear that cry from so far away? Then Sarah meets Evan and every time they touch she feels like flying and has fainting spells that last mini-seconds. When she comes back to she reputedly asks “what did just happen”?Well, didn’t you figure it out the first time?What I liked: hhmmm… I guess her indigo eyes which bear the mark of the Indigo Child (an evolved human with the ability to feel the emotions of others).Sarah has to protect herself from evil forces that try to take her powers away while falling in love with Evan and resisting his charms because he acts as if he is hiding something. Is he the one who tried to kill her? Who liked it: here and here.