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172 Hours on the Moon - Tara F. Chace, Johan Harstad Via LectusNorwegian novelist John Harstad creates a frightening trip to “explore” moon that includes three teenagers randomly chosen through a lottery.I’m going to tell you right away, the first half of the book is quite boring! The main characters: Mia, Antoine and Midori and underdeveloped and I never felt any attachment to them.I didn’t like Mia’s absolute reluctance to participate in the lottery to go to the moon. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to go to the moon? Besides, Mia’s behavior has no apparent explanation! Who tells a teacher in front of the entire class, nonetheless, that they teach bullshit? Norwegian students, that’s who! I understand she is a free kindled spirit and all but, why the anger? Harstad didn’t explain that.I didn’t understand at all what was up with Antoine’s girlfriend either; or the mystery people that appeared in the story. But well, I managed to flip a few pages and land to the middle of the book where things started getting interesting.Yes, the expedition on the moon was interesting and it got me into the book to the point that I couldn’t put it down. Maybe it is that I am a sucker for space mysteries… but I was hooked. However, at the end, the “mystery” isn’t totally explained to us. The main question of any evil action is “why” and the book didn’t answer it. However, I just gathered that in order to have some action some evil had be going on.I did like the suspension and the eeriness of the story, not to mention the visual aid throughout the book (photographs); that was really cool.In short, yes, I do recommend this book if you like science-fiction thrillers and as long as you don’t give up before reaching the middle!Ah! And yes, the end was quite ridiculous but that is just the last 2 pages so… I could live with that.Other good and not so good reviews can be found here and here.