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Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott This is from my blog http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2012/07/living-dead-girl-by-elizabeth-scott.htmlIt is hard to think that a teenager can go through so much and not do anything about it. But then, she was taken at the age of 10, thus for five years Ray has been molding Alicia to be the way she is now.Some times I got frustrated and annoyed because I felt that Alicia should've had said something. And the people around her? Yes, we are like that, we see a kid on the street and we don't ask anything because we don't want to get involved. After reading this book I'm ready to not take appearances for granted anymore. Yes, the book is great, it made want to scream and yell at Alicia for being so numb; it made feel sad, enraged and vengeful. It also made realize I have to have a serious talk with my son about talking to strangers.