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The Survivors - Amanda Havard This review is on my blog http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2012/07/three-stories-that-didnt-work-for-me.htmlThanks for visiting!What a disappointment this book is. It started really catching: they year is 1692 and 14 children accused as witches in Salem were banished and sent to die in a harsh winter. But they didn’t (die, that is), they survived and gained strange powers that they passed on to their children.Present day: one of those children, Sadie, decides to leave the community and see the world. The problem? She is extremely beautiful, men can’t stop staring at her and women are jealous of her beauty. Yet, somehow, she can pass by "normal” amongst us. The book is totally insipid and the story is lame. I didn't have the stomach to finish this X-men-wanna be.