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Arena One - Morgan Rice This review is also on my blog http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2012/07/three-stories-that-didnt-work-for-me.htmlI picked this book because some reviews compare it to Hunger Games. But I have to say that the only similarity between these two is that both books are about fighting/surviving for entertainment.In a decimated America, 17 year old Brooke survives hiding with her little sister. But when her sister is taken away, Brooke takes on a deadly path to rescue her.The problem? That Brooke is pretty much Xena, the warrior princes, in a small frame. Really, I would not have been surprised if at the end Brooke turned out not to be human.Not to say I couldn't finish the book! Come on, for a simple girl to kill like that without super powers? No way, at least Xena is in mythological times so anything can happen.This other review share my feelings exactly… minus the Twilight part, of course!