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Counting Backwards by Laura Lascarso

Counting Backwards - Laura Lascarso

 Summary on GoodReads

 Firstly, the cover doesn’t go with the content of the book. They  should’ve put an angry girl on it, because that is what Taylor is,  angry all the time. She has to spend time at this special boarding  school --- read juvenile psychiatric correctional facility, after being  arrested for stealing a car and trying to run away.

 Annoying, heated and fuming Taylor is angry, well, at her parents  – mostly - and nothing that it is said to her goes through. Being  the new kid at this place comes with all the usual clichés: the girl  who doesn't like her, the girl who does, the boy who changes all  for her, her denial to be there and the fantastic reformation. 

Counting Backwards is like a romance novel minus the romance: it starts with a conflict, it reaches its peak and then ends happily everafter.

I also felt rushed while reading it, or was it me wanting to get it over with? But what the heck! I don’t like a book if it goes fast and I won’t like it either if it is slow. Hard to please, eh?

I am a sucker for boarding schools and rehab drama but this one didn't touch my cells. Probably I have higher standards on the subjects after reading The Little Woods and Cracked, but I just wasn't feeling the Alcatraz-Girl,Interrupted scenario. 

What I liked: Sassy Margo and her ways. 

What I didn’t like: Taylor’s anger; it became old news pretty soon. A.J. and his almost instant change because of Taylor; I mean, after 2 years of being and acting a certain way a girl shows up and you just change like that? Romance old style right there. 

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Source: http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2012/10/counting-backwards-by-laura-lascarso.html