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The Cutting Season by Attica Locke

Historians of the south might just love this book. Well, I love slave history but this one wasn't working for me. 


The book has a lot of history that I just didn't find interesting. Is the book about the murder or the history of Belle Vie? One would say both, but I didn't find the combination appealing.

Caren, the narrator, is the manager of Belle Vie, an old slave plantation that turned into a museum and event site.

 In a way, Caren is attached to Belle Vie because her family used  to be slaves there, and now, Caren freely wanders the the rooms  she wasn't allowed to step in as a child. Thus, when she finds a  migrant girl dead, although it is none of her business, and the  police is perfectly capable of taking care of the situation, Caren  becomes involved in following the hints to the murderer. The  chase takes Caren to another murder that happened decades  ago and that seem to have something in common.

 Locke’s prose is just wonderful, I just wasn't smitten by it.

 I found myself skipping pages just to get the point. But no matter  how many pages I skipped, the story seemed to have no end! So I abandoned it. 

I really wasn't interested in finding out who killed the migrant girl or why, because I wasn't attached to anybody. Who cares about a dead person if you have no idea who the person is? I was supposed to care for the murderer, I guess, but I just didn't. 

The book has a map at the beginning that is absolutely a most to help you understand the layout of the plantation. I wonder if the map comes in the Kindle version?

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