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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith

I finally gave in and read this one. Why, god, why? Should've stuck with my initial reaction: no thanks.

Anyway, it's labor day and it's raining in NYC, so here we go.

******Spoiler alert*********
I don’t consider the following review to have spoilers, but please forgive me if you think it does.

What is the statistical probability of...

1) ... Eyeing a cute guy at the airport? Hundreds. Statistical probability of actually talking to one? This book.

Hadley meets Oliver at the airport because she asked some lady to watch her luggage and the lady refused. 
Now, now… I have traveled a lot and have NEVER asked a stranger to watch my luggage while I go grab a coffee. Oh! It is possible that I haven’t done this because I am not as cute as Hadley, but I had never nearly encountered a cute guy (or ugly) guy at the airport offer his help with anything. 

2) ... Of said cute guy sitting next to you? This book. 

Oliver sits next to Hadley’s empty seat waiting for the seat’s owner to board. When that happens, the owner gives up her seat so the they can sit together. I mean, it obviously had to be this way because otherwise, how were they going to do #3?

3) ... Of two teens (was Oliver even a teen if he was already involved in doing research?) who just met discussing  Cumulus Clouds; “the definition of true love;” Dickens; favorite food, color and animal? This book. 

4) ... Of girl being claustrophobic, and the guy you JUST MET noticing and talking nonstop to distract you? This book. Sweet, but UNREALISTIC.

P. 60 – They talk about all kind of stupid shit while Hadley also has flashbacks of her father.

P. 103 – They finally arrive to London and go separate ways.

P. 108 – Hadley in cab recalling more heartbreaking conversations with Oliver.

P. 131 - Hadley wants to cry because her dad’s new wife is going to have a baby and she wasn’t told about it. “He didn’t bother to tell her” so life is soooo unfair. Right.

P. 134 – Hadley remembering more conversations with Oliver (what do you want to be when you grow up?). -- Me? I really wanted to be a tripper!

P. 143 – Hadley finds Oliver’s napkin with a drawing and she decides to leave her father's wedding to go find Oliver... in London. Do you have an idea of how big London is?

Really people? What are the odds of something like that ever happening? Oh! yes, this book.

P. 169 – Yeap, she finds Oliver. 

And this, folks, is the statistical probability of love at first sight: pure conveniently boring crap for MY heart.

Source: http://onlectus.blogspot.com/2013/09/statistical-probability-of-love-at.html