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The Never List - Koethi Zan

The story started out very good, but then it took a predictable turn. After page 200 everything became a typical cliche.


For instance, Sarah became the typical character that knows she shouldn't go after the killer alone, but goes alone anyways. And Sarah does this, TWICE! Way to annoy the hell out of a reader.


It is a shame that so powerful beginning had such a lame and rushed ending. Was it because the book had to fit certain amount of pages? Because books are supposed to leave you wondering? 


After her escape, Sarah became agoraphobic; and she spent 10 years living in fear of the world. However, it only took her one day to leave her apartment and recover. How was this possible? If you remember that Copycat movie with Sigourney Weaver, you know that an agoraphobic person cannot just leave their homes like that. Maybe if Zan had made Sarah's life less extreme her recovery would had been more credible.


As I said at the beginning, after page 200 the story became you typical thriller where the police does nothing and the victim saves the day which makes you question the need of having the police in the story at all.


The end had an unexpected twist that didn't amount to much. Again, maybe Zan wasn't allowed to go pass 300 pages but, what the heck? That ending felt extremely rushed and simple.


*** Possible spoiler***
There was a part that was really unrealistic. Sarah and Tracy are in a van with a bunch of girls; they start talking to one of the girls, Jenny, to find out what is going on. Obviously, Jenny explains everything to them and, at one point, tells them to shut up because the other girls will hear them and tell their captors.


What bothered me with this scene is that Sarah, Tracy, and Jenny had already been talking for a long time, with the other girls in the van. But just when Jenny finishes her story she realizes that the other girls would hear them talking? What were the other girls doing while they talked?


Right. You'd get it when you read the book.


*** End of spoiler ***


The book is still powerful with a very emotional first 200 pages. I was absolutely feeling Sarah until she became Supergirl. Tracy's character was constant from the beginning, but Christine... well, she needed a lot of development.


Still, this is a thriller that you should read because the story is something that might be happening to missing girls out there.