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World After  - Susan Ee

I loved Angelfall so much that I feel guilty for not World After five stars too. Unfortunately, I was kind of bored reading about the scorpions (their descriptions, what they could do, how they killed, and so on). 

Ee went for all she missed in the first book: the gruesome details, the constant atmosphere of danger, and Penryn's fighting skills. I didn't have enough of Raffe and Penryn here, and the little they shared was spent in a verbal war to see who could outwit the other.

I'm disappointed that Ee went for the "You're a hero, Penryn, whether you like it or not.” I didn't know the book world was searching for a hero. Okay, this is a personal taste, but I just hate when people are label 'heroes' in books... unless I'm reading Spiderman or Superman.

The last scene was kind of very unrealistic. So Paige is going Chucky on Beliel and nobody reacts? Hmmm.

If we have to wait years for the next book, it would be greatly appreciated if Ee included a cast of character in the next book to remind us who is who? Just saying. 

I still love the series because... well, is Raffe going to get his wings sewn back? What is going to happen with Penryn and Raffe since Angles and Daughters of Men cannot... make thatshould not be together, copulate, make babies and stuff?

The book had emotional parts that I absolutely loved! For instance, some flashback from Raffe's POV of their encounter and other scenes. I couldn't help but think of Stephenie Meyer'sMidnight Sun

I totally like Penryn's mom!